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PROGRAMMAMAKER – FIPS en YEPS voor Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

 WAT Een programma voor zowel partners van ondernemers als jonge ondernemers in de horeca. WAAR Koninklijke Horeca Nederland WANNEER 2013 MEER INFO

Ego-tripping my way through life …

Last week I saw Birdman, the fantastic(al) yet painfully realistic feature by Iñarritu, the director of Biutiful, 21 grams and Amores Perros. I’d never dare to review this masterpiece, but I’d like to refer to it as a starting point on the discussion on our Ego. This year I organized the third and my last edition of a three […]

Ode to Semler – Social Rebellion instead of a dick in a centrefold

After almost 6 years of online silence, absence, disinterest or whatever it might be, this blog popped into my mind. An digital place I’d forgotten and replaced with other real-life priorities. But tonight something happened: the social rebel in me awakened, or at least she shifted  with much fanfare from my subconsciousness to my consciousness. […]

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